My Experience With My Duo

Ok, so as promised I am back to tell you all about my experience. It has taken me a while to write this as I am still getting over everything that happened and hoping it was not all a dream.

After making my appointment (As detailed in the last blog) I was very excited to meet the girls. I was early for my booking and have to have a cup of coffee in the nearby cafe to pass the time. Yes, that is how much I was looking forward to it.

I arrived at the agreed time. Ok, so I was still 5 minutes early. The girls opened the door and I was gobsmacked. I stayed like that the whole time if I am honest. They were beautiful and much more then I expected.

I was really nervous and the girls were so helpful. We took care of the fees etc and she led me to sit on the side of the bed. She talked to me and asked what I wanted. I tried to explain but the nerves got the better of me.

She led me to the shower where I took the fastest shower in history. I did not want to miss a single thing. I went back into the bedroom and the girls were on the bed. They were touching one another and getting very close and horny! It was nearly over then and there for me.

I managed to pull myself together when one of the girls walked over and removed my towel. She then started to do amazing things to my body whilst the other girl watched.

This did not last long and both girls got to work on my very hot body. I did not know what to do so thankfully they took the lead. I am still trying to find the words that are sufficient for what happened next but I think I am going to have to invent a new one.

The whole experience from start to finish was amazing. I cannot believe that I have fulfilled my fantasy and it was so completely satisfying with 2 amazing girls.

I had such a great time I repeated the booking the next night and that was even better as I had gained some confidence and the ability to speak once more.

Unfortunately, I had to leave than to come back home. I feel a little lost and I cannot wait to return to the UK for a repeat performance. I am putting myself forward at work for anything possible so I can return and make more bookings. My main decisions right now are, do I go for what I know or try something new. Most of my day is spent going through the website looking at the options I have. I think I have now become a very long-term client for Perfect Haridwar Escorts.

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