Do you like a lady who wears red lipstick? Red lipstick can look hot on a beautiful woman and many of our popular mussoorie Escort Girls love to dress up and wear red lipstick for their bookings in dehradun with their valued clients. Lips are sensual and red is the colour which can stimulate men to think about sex, so these combined can be a hot combination. Two of our naughty dehradun Escort Girls spoke to our dehradun Escort Agency staff about why her clients love her to wear red lipstick: ‘I think red lipstick gives me a classic look, I like it when I have a booking for a dinner date and I can really go out there and make the effort to dress to impress. I enjoy wearing stockings and suspenders and with my red lipstick on I feel hot and sexy. I had a booking last week at a client’s hotel room for a dinner date and he ended up booking me for an overnight stay as he wanted to see more of me.

I wore red lipstick and in the lift, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, we were kissing passionately and he was covered in my red lipstick, that was hot. I like to kiss a man and leave my mark on him, it makes me feel like I’m the only woman in his life whilst we’re together and so red lipstick lets me leave the mark I want. I love giving a man oral sex whilst wearing red lipstick and because I don’t mind being filmed or photographed it always seems to make the pictures look sexier.’ Our second stunning dehradun Escort Girl spoke to our dehradun Escort Agency staff as well: ‘I always wear a lot of makeup, I have good skin but I like the appearance make up gives me, I also think men like a woman who also likes to make an effort with her make-up. I had a good experience with one of my clients who I see often, he is fun to spend time with and we usually go out together and drink and then we spend the night together in his hotel room. The last time we met for a booking we went to a club together and were quite drunk, we were dancing in the club and I got my lipstick out to put on, I was applying it sensually looking at him the whole time, he asked if I wanted to try something naughty and as we were both being silly, he dared me to write my phone number onto other men in the club. I’m always up for some fun so wrote my number using a different digit on a couple of men in the club, they were enjoying the attention, and were trying to kiss me, I was with my client so went back to him but when I went back over to my client he suggested I invited one of the men back, I was surprised but I feel comfortable around him to try most new things the once and so I asked this other man, who agreed.

It was sexy coming back in the taxi with them both, my client was really turned on, and was stroking my leg and kissing me and when we all got to the room he took the lead telling me to bend over on the bed and both men took turns having me from behind, it was a fun experience and I don’t usually offer threesome services but because it was a client I knew well I decided to go with the feeling. Since then we have met and have had fun together but we have stuck to sharing the intimate moments between the two of us, although sometimes we’ll talk about that naughty night together, which started all thanks to my red lipstick!’.

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