I am a visitor to Rishikesh. This is my very first time here in the UK. I would like to share some of my experiences with you so far.

Firstly WOW Rishikesh! It is a beautiful place with so much history and so much to do. I have done the sightseeing and I have done the tours. Loved every single minute of the trip so far. Not to mention the fabulous food and places to eat and drink. I am from a small town and smaller community so this has been very eye-opening for me. In a good way of course.

Where I come from it is not easy to simply find and book a woman to please you. This is something that still amazes me. So I made the most of it. I looked a lot online and there are a lot of Agencies that work in the area I am staying. After several hours a lot of clicking and searching I had narrowed down my search.

I called the number provided and had no luck with my first choice as obviously, she was a popular girl! So I gave a few names and the Lady I spoke to got back to me almost immediately with who was available at the time I selected.

I took a little longer to review the options I had then decided once and for all which girl I wanted to see. Luckily after all my debating, she was still available. (What? I know it took me a while, I was like a kid in a candy store!)

Finally, the booking was all confirmed and I received the address. Now getting anywhere in Rishikesh is not easy especially when you are new to the area. I thought about the tube etc but finally settled on a taxi. From there it was pretty straight forward. The driver knew where to go.

I gave myself plenty of time to get there and quite honestly I was more than ready to meet her. Arriving a little early I decided to sit down in the cafe really close to her address calm myself and have a coffee. The minutes ticked by super slow!

Finally, it was time so I followed the instruction and rang the intercom for her flat. Now call me gullible but I was not expecting her to have the place all to herself and I was nicely surprised at the privacy this gave us. It also made me relax as at this point I had very high blood pressure (Among other things) 😉

She really was beautiful and just like the photo which gave me more pause for thought. I have been missing out a lot in life obviously.

We sat and talked briefly because she could sense I was nervous. Then we exchanged the fees and she told me to relax and take a quick shower.

It was a very very cold shower.

When I came out she was waiting for me.

Anyway without all the very fantastic details. (I don´t kiss and tell) Well not always!

I left there with a smile like I had won the lottery. I had a truly wonderful time and I am so pleased that I managed to overcome my nerves and enjoy my time there.

Meeting an escort is not something that I would normally recommend having never had the experience in the past. That has all changed now and if you are around me for more than 5 minutes I am likely to advise you that this is just what you need.

Before I left the UK I managed a few more bookings and every experience I had just got better. I was able to relax much more. I even think I learned a few new things that I am sure my future partner will appreciate. Thanks, Perfect Rishikesh Escorts

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